We’ve made it our business to document Gov. John Chickenlooper’s lack of backbone ad nauseam.  When it comes to controversial issues, he’s a well-known hedger.  Just look at his handling of the gun recalls and weak-kneed endorsement of Amendment 66.

Despite all that, however, we never thought we would actually see the day when Chickenlooper failed to take a position on one of the most populist pieces of legislation ever to be considered by the General Assembly: the banning of red light cameras.

Senate Bill 181 would prohibit local municipalities from using red light and photo radar cameras to issue people tickets.  The bill passed out of the Senate yesterday and now heads to the House for consideration.  It has bipartisan support and should be a no brainer for a Governor who just wants everyone to like him.  Well, here’s the headline we got instead:  

Proposal to ban red-light cameras advances, Hickenlooper noncommittal

Gaaah, come on man!  Red light cameras don’t make the roads any safer and only serve to line the pockets of local government coffers, which explains why the Colorado Municipal League and Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police oppose the bill.  Yes, throwing your support behind this one might upset a few cronies, but who cares?  You don’t have to be a pollster to know that voters hate red light cameras with a burning passion.