The latest news about the IRS had us spitting up coffee this morning.  The Washington Post is reporting that the government’s most loathed agency paid more than 1,100 employees who owe back taxes more than $1 million in cash bonuses and more than 10,000 in extra paid vacation.  From the Post:

Like many companies and government agencies, the IRS sweetens the deal for its employees by giving bonuses based on performance. But at the IRS, breaking the federal tax laws you were hired to enforce and running afoul of other agency rules aren’t considered relevant to performance-based awards.

Abuse of power and breaking the rules is becoming second nature to the IRS. Just last year, the agency was guilty of discriminating against conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status, including groups that operate in Colorado.

IRS building, photo courtesy of Cliff1066

When the government compels its citizens to fork over a depressing chunk of their hard earned income, how can the agency that collects that money get away with this kind of despicable behavior?  Government should make it their priority to spend every last penny of OUR money as responsibly and efficiently as possible.  And let’s face it, no one in his or her right mind could reasonably argue that government is either of those things.

This is why nothing disgusts us more than #ProudToPay and liberals who try to make people feel good about paying their taxes, or worse yet, try to make people feel like they’re not paying enough.  Yes, we’re looking at you Progress Now.  Next time Democrats feel like forcing another debate about raising taxes, we urge them to look inward and tackle every last abuse before turning to the people with their hand out.