While Gov. John Hickenlooper might be breathing a sigh of relief after a new Quinnipiac poll shows him leading against GOP rivals, further analysis shows that legislative Democrats might not have much to celebrate.

When asked what they think of how the state legislature is performing, 51 percent of respondents said they disapprove and only a measly 34 percent approve.   This spells bad news for ruling Democrats who hold a razor thin one-seat majority in the state Senate.

Furthermore, it’s not helping the Democrats’ case that 56 percent of voters oppose the stricter gun laws they forced through the legislature last year.  Laws that, it’s worth mentioning, were rubber stamped by Hickenlooper.  The poll also reveals that voters believe arming teachers and using metal detectors at school entrances are more likely to reduce gun violence than stricter gun laws.  So basically, voters aren’t buying Dem claims that stricter gun laws make us safer.

That’s certainly not the news that Senate Majority Leader Morgan Carroll wants to hear.  Worse yet, it’s not the news that Dem donors want to hear either.  We can’t say it enough – donors like to back winners.  If early polling shows inklings of an insurmountable disapproval rating, then Carroll is going to have a heckuva time raising money.