Sen. Udall looks somber here. Think he’s reading the Quinnipiac poll results?

Do you hear crickets chirping?  That’s the Left trying to ignore the Quinnipiac poll that just came out today for the Colorado Senate race.  Then again, if our incumbent senate candidate only had a one point lead, while being on the wrong side of the top two concerns of voters heading into November, we’d want to bury our head in the sand as well.

Liberal U.S. Senator Mark Udall has a razor-thin one point lead, 45-44, but when it comes to those who are most concerned with either the economy or healthcare, the two most important issues for voters going into November, he is losing 53-40 and 57-36, respectively.

Meanwhile, the issue Udall thought was so important that he made it the topic of his first ad, the old, tired-out Democrat wedge-issue they pull out when they can’t run on their own record, abortion and “women’s issues”, only receive 2% and 1% as the most important issue; and that doesn’t even differentiate between pro-lifers and pro-choicers.  Yep, looks like Udall is really in touch with what is most important with Coloradans.   Of course, having chosen billionaire dollars over Colorado jobs, and effectively voted away 335,000 Coloradans’ health care plans, we understand why he desperately wants to change the subject.

Add to this already bad news that Coloradans disapprove of President Obama by 59%– a man Udall voted with 99% of the time—and disapprove of Obamacare by 59%—a bill that would not have passed without Udall’s support—and we are looking at a man who is unelectable.  In fact over 46% of Coloradans feel he doesn’t deserve to be reelected, while only 40% do, the lowest Udall has ever polled.

Meanwhile, an internal poll done for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce was leaked yesterday and among likely voters Gardner was beating Udall 44-42, while among those who said they were definitely voting Gardner beats Udall by an even larger margin 47-42.  While 51% of Colorado already feel it’s time to give a new person a chance.

What adds even more credence to the Chamber’s poll numbers is the fact that they were internal – meaning the poll wasn’t done to drive a narrative.  The Chamber will be looking to spend money in races, and before they toss good money away, they want to make sure they have the most accurate picture of that race.

Expect Udall to hit the panic button and watch all the Lefties throw whatever they can at Gardner, as Udall’s only hope of survival is to define Gardner before Gardner can get any traction; straight out of the Machiavellian Rules for Radicals.

An extreme voter record followed by an extreme campaign; it goes without saying, Udall is too extreme for Colorado.