Utter the name Citizens United around Lefties and watch them lose their minds.  Come this fall, Colorado Lefties will have an even more personal animosity towards the group.

The Denver Post reports that Citizens United, the group made famous for its successful challenge of free speech in politics, announced it will release an hour long video this September that will feature Governor John Hickenlooper.

The one-hour movie is expected to be released in September and will contain “unambiguous” references to Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper, state lawmakers and other candidates up for re-election, according to a petition Citizens United filed with the Colorado secretary of state. [the Peak emphasis]

Now, if Hick’s B.S. persona of Mr. Beer Goes to Denver was true in nature, he’d have nothing to fear.  Yet, as Complete Colorado recently showed, that persona is far from how his administration has governed.  From key staffers conspiring with the EPA to kill state bills that are good for Coloradans, to a chief of staff who outrageously doesn’t receive or send a single email over three days in this hyper-electronic age, there are certainly shady things going down at the Governor’s mansion.

With the GOP meltdown in 2010, Hickenlooper was hardly vetted and any number of skeletons in his closet remained buried since there was no way he was losing that election.  Now, all campaign aficionados know you save the juiciest attacks for the beginning of fall when the general public finally starts paying attention.  As it says above, United Citizens is releasing its film in September.  We here at The Peak are already starting to pop the popcorn.