“Dear Diary, why do people like Cory so much more?”

Rep. Cory Gardner did what liberal Senator Mark Udall failed to do, move a bill forward that would create American jobs, strengthen our allies, and weaken our foes.  This week, Gardner passed a bill that enables America to export liquefied natural gas around the world.  At a time when Russian belligerence is threatening its closest neighbors, while holding the rest of Europe at bay with threats to their energy supply, this is a smart, commonsense bill.  Udall agrees wholeheartedly.  In fact, Udall agrees so much he offered his own bill in the Senate last month.  The difference between the two bills?  Udall couldn’t even get his Democratic friends to pass his bill out of the Senate, while Gardner not only passed his bill out of committee, but did so with a bipartisan vote.  As The Hill reports:

The committee advanced the bill proposed by Rep. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) in a 33-18 vote, but with significant changes made after a bipartisan agreement was reached Tuesday.

Lawmakers have been clamoring for action on gas exports in response to the conflict in Ukraine, which has brought into sharp relief the dependence of Eastern European countries on Russia for natural gas. The United States, which is experiencing a boom in gas production, could help break that dependency with exports.

Now after the failure of his own bill, Udall has proposed another LNG bill that is nearly identical to the bill Gardner just passed.  If you can’t beat them, join them, right?  But, PeakNation™, let’s not get too hasty and think Udall has changed his stripes and is actually passing legislation because it’s good for the country, not just political expedient.  Here he is bitching and moaning to The Denver Post about who did what first:

“I’ve been working on this for two years,” Udall countered. “I have called for a full-scale study and consideration of LNG exports. With all due respect, there may be somebody else who is the latecomer to this.” [the Peak emphasis]

Sound like a high school girl much?

He’s so passionate about LNG that in his six years in the US Senate and over 1600 press releases, six of them have been about LNG, but only one before March 5th of this year; and that 2009 press release was concerned about LNG being an export from Qatar.   Press release or didn’t happen, anyone? Too bad for Udall, but the facts don’t match his whining.

But isn’t this typical Bandwagon Udall, jumping on whatever is popular at the moment (and not even doing it well).  It’s time for Colorado to have a Senator who truly knows how to lead.