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UPDATE: Over the weekend Rep. Jared Polis was the focus of noticeably shrill attacks from Colorado Republicans, suggesting Republicans plan to make him the face of the job-killing initiatives he is funding, and more broadly, of the Democratic Party itself.

GOP Chair Ryan Call called Polis a terrorist, which probably seems a little harsh unless it is your job Polis’ energy ban would ban. Rep. Jerry Sonnenberg called Polis’ blackmail a “jihad” against oil and gas.

Today, as the Democrats attempt to forestall the Polis initiatives, the drumbeat is continuing.  Rep. Libby Szabo laid down this fat boy of a marker:


UPDATE 2: Rep. Jerry Sonnenberg weighs in on the impasse:

“When it comes to banning guns, freeing mass murderers and putting the screws to rural electrical providers, it is amazing how organized and disciplined Democrats under the Dome can be,” Sonnenberg said.  “Watching the House and the Senate Democrats try to come to terms with Jared Polis’ economic blackmail has been like watching the three stooges after a trip to a buffet serving edibles.  Over the last two years it has become plainly obvious that the Democrats in charge of our state are more committed to the liberal special interest groups that fund their campaigns — by that I mean, the Jared Polis and Michael Bloombergs of the world — than they are to being a serious governing party.”

If there was any doubt about how disorganized and discombobulated ruling statehouse Democrats have become, check out the mess over oil and gas negotiations.

After weeks of trying to come up with a bill that would pre-empt an initiative pushed by Jared Polis to de facto ban most oil and gas development in the state, Democrats in the legislature announced this morning that, get this, they couldn’t even come up with a bill to introduce.

Do not forget.  Democrats control the House, the Senate and the Executive Branch.

How much of a gong show have the Democrats become?

Enough of a gong show that they can’t even get a bill introduced, nevermind getting buy-in from the renegade blackmail artist who is responsible for this whole mess, Polis.

Here’s an adorable tidbit from the statement issued jointly by Democratic Reps. Hullinghorst and Ryden:

“Our conversations have been productive, but we haven’t yet struck an accord with all of the stakeholders, and we’ve run out of time in this session to pass consensus legislation.”

Translation: Despite the fact that we, Democrats, control all things, we couldn’t get our act together.  No wonder pollster Floyd Ciruli pointed out the latest Quinnipiac Poll showed approval for the Colorado State Legislature was “in the cellar”.  The Dems are a disaster over there.