Last night was the deadline for state level candidates to file their first quarter campaign finance reports. Here is where the four Republican gubernatorial candidates stack up:

The biggest takeaway from these results: it looks like Republican donors are waiting until the field narrows to really invest.  Without Beauprez’s loan, Republicans raised a total of about$730,000 to Hickenlooper’s million.  With Beauprez’s loan, it’s a closer match.

A few interesting tidbits:

  • While Tancredo raised the most (not counting Beauprez’s loan to his campaign), Beauprez has slightly more cash on hand.
  • While some were surprised by Kopp’s number, it should be noted that 37% of his donations came in after he grabbed the top line at the state assembly on April 12.  In effect, Kopp had less than three weeks to capitalize on his success.
  • The Beauprez camp should be commended for raising over $200,000 in 58 days.  That’s basically $3,500 per day in a state that has some pretty low campaign fundraising ceilings.
  • While it may seem like Tancredo and Beauprez blew through a huge wad of cash, remember that these two petitioned on.  Signature gathering is expensive.