Saying one thing and doing another: that’s quickly becoming Sen. Mark Udall’s modus operandi.

“I need a miracle God.”

First it was equal pay hypocrisy where Udall female staffers only make 84 cents to every dollar Udall’s male staffers make; and now, its earmarks.  Udall has

hastily attached his wagon to Sen. Tom Coburn’s anti-earmark crusade.  Yet, in Udall’s first two years alone as a Colorado Senator he racked up more $430 million dollars in earmarks!  According to Legistorm, the exact figure for earmarks for Udall in just two years was $433,884,774.  Why he would want to bring this issue to the forefront shows just how desperate he is to change the topic from the extremely liberal voting record he has racked over the past six years; especially so when you consider his opponent, Rep. Cory Gardner, zero earmarks since coming to Congress.

Not only has Udall felt the need to fatten himself up on earmarks, he has also repeatedly voted against restricting them.  On at least four occasions as a Senator, Udall voted no to restricting or ending earmarks as seen here, here, here, and here.

This is just another example of how out of touch Udall is with Colorado values as the very issue he chooses to pivot to, he already has a horrible record on.  How many other gimmicks and distractions did Udall and his campaign try to hatch for before realizing those were worse for him than trying to paint himself as an anti-earmark advocate after already taking close to half a billion dollars in earmarks!?

Udall has been spouting off how he likes to judge people based on their actions and not their words.  Once again, we here at The Peakcouldn’t agree more.  Colorado needs to judge Udall based on his actions of the past six years and not his BS rhetoric he is turning to now that his campaign is sinking faster than the Titanic.