Just when we thought Sen. Harry Reid couldn’t get any more desperate, he sends us this golden piece of ridiculousness – a fundraising letter from actor Michael Douglas begging on behalf of Sen. Mark Udall.  Apparently, actor Michael Douglas is now shilling for the Democratic Party.  There are so many reason this is hilarious.

But, oh, we’ll start with Gordon Gekko.  The Democrats who trip over themselves trying to falsely accuse Republicans of being uncharitable ask the actor who played the epitome of greed – “GREED IS GOOD” to squeeze dollars from Americans?  Do you think the 800,000 workers who gave up looking for work last month alone can identify with this speech:

Sen. Udall, what do you say?  You’ve voted with Obama’s agenda 99% of the time – this economy is yours.  Think those 800,000 out of work and out of encouragement Americans appreciate your message from an actor who made however many millions last year? What do you think?

Of course, then, there’s the issue that Douglas blamed his throat cancer on oral sex and a sexually transmitted disease – to the horror of his wife and family.  Truly, we can’t think of a more charming spokesperson for the Udall campaign.

Then, there’s the issue of the letter itself.  Here’s a quick excerpt:

“Council for a Livable World has worked for more than 50 years to elect candidates to the United States Senate and House of Representatives who are dedicated to progressive national security policies and the eventual elimination of all nuclear weapons.

…[Udall] is one of the key Senate leaders working to rein in NSA spying on Americans.”

We knew it was coming.  The NSA nonsense.  It only comes out when Udall’s poll numbers are in the toilet.  So, we’ll say what said a few months ago:

“Here is the truth about Udall’s record on privacy issues.  The gist?  In 2011, Udall voted for roving wiretaps, business record access (aka the “215″ orders)  and “lone wolf” wiretapping as part of H.R. 514. Then, he published a rant about how awful the provisions were.  Even worse, Section 215 orders are precisely what the NSA used to gather data from law-abiding citizens’ cell phones, according to the Washington Post.

Before Udall apologists start defending the Senator, let’s be clear.  Section 215 wasn’t buried in some obscure or lengthy piece of legislation.  The legislation dealt primarily with just these three issues – roving wiretaps, Section 215 orders, and ‘lone wolf’ wiretapping.”

But, seriously, Sen. Reid, you can’t find a better advocate than Michael Douglas?