“This next one goes out to you Sinatra fans”

Rarely does a chairman stay on for three cycles at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and with Rep. Steve Israel finishing up his second term this cycle, rumors have already started on who might be the next chairman.  Among the most talked about candidates, Colorado’s very own Rep. Jared Polis.  To this we say: oh pleasepleasepleaseplease!  As Roll Call reports today:

“If you are looking to get a seat at the table, and right now no one is getting up, then the DCCC post might be the only opening,” former DCCC spokesman Doug Thornell said. “It’s probably the toughest, most thankless job in leadership. But if you excel, a lot of doors open.”

The position offers an opportunity to win the loyalty of incoming freshman that can translate into support for a future House leadership bid…

Democrats mention Polis as as (sic) contender for the DCCC spot as often as Himes. And the DCCC’s chairman of candidate services is “definitely interested” in the job, according to a Polis source…

“It would complete Pelosi’s legacy to appoint the first openly gay chair of the DCCC,” a House Democratic operative said.

He also has geography — the west and southwest — in his favor. As Democrats look for future gains, staffers say Polis helped turn Colorado in the party’s favor, and they hope those efforts can translate in Arizona, Nevada and elsewhere.

A drawback for Polis? Some say privately that he’s not the most disciplined member when it comes to party messaging. [the Peak emphasis]

It only took two years of aggressive overreach under far-left liberal Nancy Pelosi to costs the Democrats the House for the next decade if not longer.  She comes from a very urban, very liberal San Francisco Congressional district, and her inability to meet her more vulnerable members even halfway cost her 60+ seats in 2010.  Now, she is thinking about putting Polis in charge of the entire Democratic campaign apparatus?  A man whose only tough election for a Democratic primary was where everyone raced to the far left?  A man who appears set to go nuclear on the Colorado Democratic Party because of a fracking well that is now less than the size of a pick-up truck sits across from his vacation home in an open field?  This might be the only time we here at The Peak actively campaign for a Democrat.