We find it absolutely appalling that Gov. John Hickenlooper is seriously considering calling a special session to debate local control legislation.  The only person who would benefit from such a move is Rep. Jared Polis.  You know who doesn’t benefit?  The Colorado taxpayers.  They will be on the hook for $23,500 a day if Hickenlooper convenes a special session. 

Look, we get why Polis wants this.  He would much prefer to have taxpayers fund a special session so special interests can come to the table and hammer out a “deal.”  It keeps money in his pocket that would otherwise be used to pay political consultants running the local control campaign.

We understand why oil and gas companies are tempted by this option too.  With 11 potential ballot initiatives threatening to put them out of business, it makes sense to want some say in how your noose is tied.  The devil you know, so to speak.  The problem with that plan is that there is always another rich environmentalist ready to take Polis’s place even if there is a legislative compromise.

That’s why we shouldn’t waste our time or our money on a special session.  Can we get an amen?