EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a guest post. It should be noted that it has yet to be proven that taxpayer dollars funded Brosurance ads.

For every Colorado Obamacare sign up, taxpayers paid $1,427.

The average national cost per sign up was $922. So we didn’t get much of a bargain.

So says former Missouri Insurance Commissioner Jay Angoff.  Angoff has testified about insurance issues in Colorado; he knows his stuff.

Total Colorado spending? Right at $179 million.

Those bucks paid for the Colorado “brosurance” keg stand ads. Remember them? Aimed at young adults … resulting in a bit more than 10,000 enrollments by those 18-25. Whoop-D for 8% presumably healthy young people to balance out the older, sicker sign ups. Not a statistical success.

Those bucks also paid for the sterling public and media relations efforts of Onsight Public Affairs. They got $537,000 from Democratic candidates and liberal issues campaigns (including payments directly to major employees).

Do I need to mention that Hickenlooper’s campaigns have paid Onsight money? They did. He did. No special favors here, though, right?

And Connect for Health Colorado chief Patty Fontneau. Who gave $2,470 in political contributions – including maxing out to John Hickenlooper. And who, when she writes a candidate check, it always goes to a Democrat.

Their media contact, Linda Kanamine, also contributed to Hickenlooper. [All political cash from Secretary of State website]

Isn’t it nice to know that there’s nothing partisan or political about Colorado’s healthcare sign up efforts? And that it’s not being used to warehouse Democratic operatives between campaigns?

At least they live up to the Democrats’ image of big-spenders of taxpayer money.