The Log Cabin Republicans, a prominent Republican organization dedicated to representing the interests of the GLBT community, has launched a campaign against U.S. Rep. Jared Polis and his hypocritical attempts to ban energy development in Colorado. This isn’t just about Polis, his guest house, and a well.  This is about Polis imposing his far-left agenda on Colorado’s families.

A few weeks ago, we featured a tweet by Republican Colorado Rep. Libby Szabo, in which she pretty much promised that the Republican Party was coming straight for Congressman Jared Polis’ political jugular over his jihad against oil and gas:


The Log Cabins have come through.  In addition to the print ad, seen to the right, the group also is launching a series of radio ads on Denver stations highlighting how Polis is using his personal wealth (ahem, some of which came from the oil and gas industry) to push ballot initiatives that would strip homeowners of personal property rights.

Here’s a transcript of the radio ad, which you can hear here:

“Congressman Jared Polis is estimated to be worth more than 65 million dollars. He’s using his personal wealth to fund a ballot initiative campaign in Colorado that would limit or ban responsible high tech energy development in the state. If that happens, it is estimated that Colorado could lose 8 billion dollars and 68,000 jobs in just the first five years. Congressman Polis has over 65 million reasons to fund his own selfish agenda. But most people in Colorado can’t afford to pay for his ideas.”

We wish we could say that Polis is an anomaly in the Democratic party, but this is pretty par for the course.  Democrats are so out of touch with the average folks in Colorado, they do not even realize how out of touch they truly are.  It would be great if we could all have a guest house in the country. And, maybe we could, if Democrats would stop pushing job-killing and economy neutering legislation and initiatives that cut the legs out from under the opportunity that Coloradans so badly need.

Next time you see Polis, PeakNation™, be sure to thank him for his efforts to sacrifice our opportunity so that he can have a bucolic countryside retreat while we’re working harder than ever to make ends meet.  Perhaps the 21st century version of “Let Them Eat Cake” is Polis’ seeming sentiment: “Let Them Stay in Guest Houses”.