With Colorado Republican Candidates keeping their focus on knocking off liberal governor John Hickenlooper in November, and not attacking each other right now, the GOP primary will be decided by which candidate can make the best argument that they are in the best position to beat Hickenlooper.  Over the past two days, former Rep. Bob Beauprez has received two endorsements that will help him make that case.

On Monday, former State Sen. and governor candidate (and all-around nice guy) Greg Brophy announced he’d be endorsing Beauprez (via The Denver Post):

The state senator now believes Beauprez, a former congressman, is the best man to face Gov. John Hickenlooper in November.

“I want Republicans to win this November and Bob is the best prepared to win and then govern Colorado back to greatness,” Brophy said, during an interview with a local radio station today.

While Beauprez followed that up today with an endorsement from former Gov. Mitt Romney (via KDVR):

“As a former governor, I can tell you that Bob Beauprez has exactly what Colorado needs to lead,” Romney’s email states. “Bob’s unique combination of passion, drive, conservative values and experience will make him an outstanding governor.”

With former state Sen. Mike Kopp taking the top line in the primary, former Rep. Tom Tancredo having the highest name recognition, and Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler being one of the most vocal opponents of Hickenlooper over the past four years, it still remains anyone’s contest in the GOP primary.  Each of them has their own big name endorsements as well, such as Michelle Malkin (Tancredo), former U.S. Senator Bill Armstrong (Kopp), and former Congressman Bob Schaffer (Gessler).

We here at the Peak are just glad all of the GOP candidates remained focused on the ultimate goal: unseating Hickenlooper, a man whose inability to lead has allowed Colorado to flounder when we should be thriving.