According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, Sen. Mark Udall announced today that he is establishing a “women empowerment group.”  Because obviously women need the help of an old white guy to feel empowered.


As the Gazette notes, Udall’s campaign launched this new group to keep women’s issues at the forefront of the campaign.  Except, we can’t help but wonder if this new group is actually meant as reparations for underpaying his female staffers?

Udall recently landed in hot water when his push for equal pay resulted in the revelation that his female staffers are only making $0.84 for every dollar one of his male staffers earns.  The episode became even more embarrassing for Udall, when it was revealed his Republican opponent, Cory Gardner, pays his female staffers an average of $1.04 to every dollar that his male staffers earn.

If Udall really wants to empower women, he could start by giving the ones who work for him raises.