Vulnerable incumbent Sen. Mark Udall has taken to “campaigning in GIFs and clichés,” as Fox 31 political reporter Eli Stokols put it.  He is referring to the list Udall created for Buzzfeed: “14 Ways Getting Stuff Done In Congress Is Like Climbing A 14er.” 

We’ll concede that we love Buzzfeed, but Udall’s list highlights an incredibly depressing fact: the sitting Senator is better at making Buzzfeed lists than he is at governing.

For example, Udall’s opposition to NSA spying was mere lip service.  Yes, he’s good at making noise, but he never took any substantive steps toward declassifying the information causing concern.  In fact, all of Udall’s actual policy positions (voting for Obamacare and opposing construction of the Keystone XL pipeline) seem to only be hurting his chances at re-election.

As for Udall’s crowning achievement in Congress, we still maintain it is that ridiculous State Of The Union seating chart.

It makes sense Udall is looking for a new strategy.  Maybe next time he can make one of those quizzes that asks you to pick your favorite cat expression, and then tells you which MSNBC commentator you are most alike.