Despite disagreeing with the premise, the BuzzFeed/Udall thing was sort of clever yesterday.  But, today, BuzzFeed has jumped the shark in its post titled: This Is the Weirdest New Thing in Modern Politics.  The listicle is complaining about a so-called new (it’s not new) practice of releasing b-roll to the interwebs so SuperPACs can use the footage.  Not surprisingly, footage of Cory Gardner is included.  But, surprisingly, so is footage of Mike Littwin, left wing reporter from The Colorado Independent.  How can that be, you ask?  He’s not running for office?

Let’s just say it’s friendly fire against the left-wing rant master Littwin.  See the photo below from the list.

Oh noes!  Littwin isn’t a vagrant!  He’s a journalist.  We all dress like that.  Sorry BuzzFeed,  you should have quit while you were ahead.