Democrats have long assumed the Senate seat formerly held by John Morse would be theirs once again when a more normal electorate voted.  But, based on how well Sen. Bernie Herpin performed in his first session, Democrats may not have a shot at the seat until Herpin is term-limited.

With Democrats holding a razor-thin, one-seat majority in the Colorado state Senate, it is vital for them to not just play defense this election season, but go on the offense as well.  Their top two targets?  The seats they lost in the recall elections last year.  Yet, as The Gazette points out, Herpin’s actions during the 2014 legislative session might have already taken his seat off the table:

…something unexpected occurred in a Legislature known for doctrinaire personalities and partisan turmoil. Politicians on each side of the aisle began to like Sen. Herpin. They discovered an affable, formidable man with sincere concern for children, families and veterans. Opposing him by rote, Democrats surmised, wouldn’t look so good.

They [the Democratic majority] supported Herpin on a bill to enhance transparency in the Department of Transportation. They worked with him on bills designed to make Colorado more accommodating to the military. They allowed Herpin a slate of minority-party victories one expects from legislative veterans.

“I really enjoyed working with Sen. Herpin,” said Sen. John Kefalas, a Fort Collins Democrat. “He is just a very pleasant fellow.”

Kefalas isn’t a moderate with a “D” on his lapel. He has a 100 percent rating from the liberal ACLU and a 3 percent rating by the conservative Colorado Union of Taxpayers.

As Herpin demonstrates, politicians who focus on the public’s welfare inspire positive, bipartisan leadership among their peers. [the Peak emphasis]

We bet the Democrats wished they had more state Senators like Herpin in their most vulnerable seats.  Rather, they’re stuck with partisan warriors, like Sen. Andy Kerr.  Not only does Kerr not care about watching himself flame out in the name of partisan glory, but he’s willing to inflict as much collateral damage on his fellow Democrats while doing so.

PeakNation™, don’t be surprised if you see those Kefalas quotes on some campaign literature come this fall.  They’re the exact sort of thing Herpin needs to win his district.  Democrats ability to hold on to the Senate just got that much harder.