Earlier this month a good patriot with a great sense of humor launched a movement urging Colorado women to “Break Up with Mark Udall.”  The website and Twitter account are pretty hilarious and worth checking out.  The author explains the motivation behind the site:

I voted for Mark Udall in 2008 because he paid attention to the issues I cared about, gave MY needs priority.

I care about financial health, too, but six years later, I come to find out that Mark and his “Progressive” buddies have been spending like drunken sailors behind my back, saddling the country with $17.6 trillion in federal debt!

My share alone is $120,000 and rising! That is real money that has to be paid back, and the growing debt burden threatens all the good things we have worked so hard to accomplish. I’ve cut back and sacrificed to balance my budget, while Mark Udall and his friends have racked-up a huge federal debt. I need a Senator that knows how to manage money, and no matter what Mark tells me, he isn’t that guy.

Something has got to change.

Mark, if you aren’t capable of doing something about it, then I will. I am really sorry, but I think it is time for me to think about voting for another candidate.

According to the website, it is run by a guy named James Viser, which as it turns out is just the author’s pen name.  He is careful to point out the movement is a collaboration of “ordinary people, using our own resources, time and creativity to put a spotlight on the most important issues in the 2014 elections. We are not backed by any billionaires, political campaigns or out-of-state special interests, but a multi-partisan group of Colorado citizens concerned about where are [sic] state is headed.”

The group says it is genuinely grassroots, which is rare to come by these days.  All they want is help spreading the word, so let’s give them a hand Peak Nation™.  Check out their website and help Colorado break-up with Mark Udall.