Rep. Jared Polis, Colorado job killer

When it comes to killing jobs and damaging Colorado’s middle class, nobody does it better than U.S. Rep. Jared Polis, who has more money than sense when it comes to fracking issues.  According to The Colorado Observer, the original fractivist has “outraised” the oil and gas industry (from which some of his riches came) with one stroke of a check. From the TCO report:

One Polis group, Coloradans for Local Control, donated $1.45 million to another Polis group, Coloradans for Clean and Safe Energy, which is running the campaign to place a slew of anti-fracking measures on the Nov. 4 ballot.

That one donation—the only contribution so far to the Polis-sponsored issue committee—exceeded the combined $900,000 raised by two energy-backed coalitions during the two-week reporting period ending May 14, although their overall fundraising tops the Polis campaign’s at $3.77 million.

Polis has been the driving force behind these terrible initiatives, which would rob Colorado towns of much-needed tax revenue, and would prevent Coloradans from developing their land.  The fact that one spoiled Congressman can hold hostage an entire state’s economic development is appalling.

PeakNation™, next time the left claims that the middle class is disappearing from our country, remind them that their very own foisted these initiatives on our state to the detriment of its economy.