The Jefferson County School Board is in the process of picking a new superintendent, and resident naysayers just can’t handle it.

The teachers’ union has begun to lose its ironclad grip on the district since a reform-focused majority was elected to the board in November.  In response, the union has been stirring up undue dissent at every turn.  No matter how accommodating the board’s majority tries to be, the union cries wolf.

The most recent episode surrounding the selection of a new superintendent has union supporters really grasping at straws to gin up controversy.  Egged on by the union, parents and teachers are asking to see finalist Daniel McMinimee’s draft contract and speak publicly about his selection at next week’s meeting.

And guess what? Board president Ken Witt has been totally agreeable to the requests, saying he would welcome public comment and that the board just needs to figure out the logistics.

Too bad Witt’s cooperation is in one ear and out the other of his dissenters.  Board member Lesley Dahlkemper, proud union crony, continues to complain about the community having “no formal opportunity during a board meeting to share its feelings about the superintendent finalist.”  Except, Witt has already stated that very thing is being figured out, so we’re not sure what Dahlkemper is fussing about.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time the union has created controversy out of literally nothing.  The resignation of former Superintendent Cindy Stevenson in February was turned into a circus after she tried to score cheap political points upon departure.  As we noted in this space, Stevenson approached the board about buying out her contract because she had another job offer, but that didn’t stop the union from orchestrating a public temper tantrum when the announcement was made.

It’s enough to drive any rational person completely insane, and the media should stop covering these disingenuous union antics.