Faith Winter

The Westminster City Council Monday night shelved a damaging bill that would have required landlords to provide voter registration to new tenants and set up fines for those who didn’t.  Aside from the fact that the government should not be forcing businesses to do its work, why would the Westminster City Council want to further burden small business owners?

Ah, the answer lies in Faith Winter, a Westminster City Councilwoman who just happens to be running for state House. She isn’t trolling for new voters is she?  Of course she is.  Here’s a statement from Kelly Maher, executive director of Compass Colorado, who opposed the measure:

“Those members of the Westminster City Council who previously supported the measure deserve credit for reconsidering their support once the many negative ramifications of the ordinance came to light.  That said, councillor and state house candidate, Faith Winter showed that she’s willing to throw small business owners under the bus to further her own political aspirations. It’s unlikely this is the last we’ve heard of measures like this, and we cannot allow something as important a voter registration be hijacked by radical political special interests.”

Winter was all too happy to compromise local small businesses to help secure her political future, which should serve as warning to would-be voters in House District 35.  Winters will stop at nothing to advance herself.  Consider yourselves warned.