Last night as primaries were taking place all across the country, a common theme was popping up among Republicans: despite whoever won a GOP primary, every conservative was getting behind them and creating a united front to take control back from liberal Democrats.  The same sentiment could be found at the latest GOP gubernatorial debate (as Secretary of State Scott Gessler said himself, “I think we got great candidates in this race”).  Once again, former state Sen. Mike Kopp, former Rep. Bob Beauprez, and Gessler refused to attack each other and instead focused on Governor John Hickenlooper.  Here were some of their many highlights:


Mike Kopp on Hickenlooper:

“He’s a nice guy, he’s somebody you’d like to hang out with; often you leave the room after having met with John Hickenlooper and you have no idea what decision he’s going to make, or if he’s going to make a decision.  Mastering the art of motion without consequence is no way to lead this state.”

Beauprez on Hickenlooper his fellow Democrats:

“They don’t trust you.  They think you created problems that it’s government’s role to control and to constrict and regulate you.  Where I grew up…we believe that you’re the solution, that people solve problems.”

Gessler showing he already has a strong record to run on as he talked about what he’d have done if he was governor these past four years:

“Instead of driving businesses out of this state of Colorado… I would have put a “Welcome to Colorado” sign on the door.  I would have cut regulations, like I’ve done as Secretary of State.  And, I’d have cut fees and pushed back taxes, like I’ve done as Secretary of State.  Those are the basics

But each candidate wasn’t just focused on making a strong case against Hickenlooper, they also infused a positive theme Coloradans can rally behind:

Kopp: Empower the individual and not the government.

Beauprez: Let’s be great again.

Gessler: We have an inheritance, an inheritance of people being able to achieve things with freedom and opportunity… are we going to pass it on to our children?


Needless to say, all these strong debate performances have us dreaming when it will be Hickenlooper’s turn out on the stage with the GOP nominee.