I’m Andrew Romanoff, and I endorse this malarkey

Was there a malarkey contest we missed?  Because the latest video from Andrew Romanoff is stuffed so full of it, we’d figure it had to be a contest. That, or Romanoff’s campaign is flaming out so quickly, they needed to reboot now or risk getting swamped under.  But, surely it wouldn’t be the latter, we mean, most everyone fires their bff campaign manager of forever because only good things are happening for them and their campaign.

Now, don’t worry PeakNation™ if you broke your malarkey detector last weekend, we’ve got ours and we’ll take you through the entire video.  Be sure to put on your hazmat suit, the malarkey Andy is slinging is some potent stuff.

He says: “There’s another election coming up…”

Malarkey check: He means for himself personally, since there has only been two election cycles since 2000 when he wasn’t running for something: six of the last eight elections.  Makes one wonder if we’ll soon see Andy on 16th Street Mall begging for money when he has nothing left to run for.

[side note: who over there thought it wouldn’t be extremely weird for Romanoff to walk through a kitchen while a family has breakfast and completely ignores his presence?]

He says:“We’ve got sun, wind… instead of giving tax breaks to big oil companies, why don’t we invest in Colorado energy and create thousands of good, middle-class jobs right here at home.”

Malarkey check: Besides sun and wind, Colorado also has an oil and gas industry that has already created tens of thousands of great, middle-class jobs.  In fact, if Democrats like Romanoff are able to ban fracking in favor of their heavily-subsidized sun and wind energy, Colorado would lose 93,000 “good, middle-class jobs right here at home” and a $12 billion from Colorado’s GDP.

He says: “Everyday women make about 78 cents on the dollar for doing the same work as men.”

Malarkey check: Romanoff made a big mistake adding a qualifier to that statement. Normally Democrats can only claim that statistic is true if it is completely devoid of context.  By adding the qualifier “same work as men,” Romanoff turned a very misleading statistic into an outright lie.  Plus, if Andy’s so concerned about wage equality, why doesn’t he call out his fellow Democrat Sen. Mark Udall, who only pays his female staff 84 cents to every male staffer dollar?  The cherry to top this absurd statement?  Rep. Mike Coffman pays his female staff $1.12 to every male staffer dollar.

He says: “Instead of giving themselves perks and pay raises, Congress ought to make sure…”

Malarkey check: Congress has not voted itself a pay raise since 1991 shortly before the 27th amendment took effect and has even voted down a cost of living adjustment (it automatically receives every year) since 2009.

He says: “When I was speaker of the Colorado House we balanced the budget every year.”

Malarkey check: Quite the accomplishment, until you realize a balance budget is required by Colorado state law. And, further, some of his Democratic colleagues are actually suing to overturn that requirement.

Bottom line: This ad has more fiction in it than the show it ripped off.  Romanoff jumping off into the deep-end of empty, populous rhetoric shows how little he actually has to run on.  Hope he won’t have to forfeit the security deposit in his Sixth Congressional District pad if he moves back to downtown Denver early.