Scheming, scheming.  It would appear that two-time Douglas County School Board loser and ACLU plaintiff against school choice, Kevin Leung, has an awful lot to share regarding how to recall an elected official in Colorado. Here’s what he had to offer Facebook buddy who requested information on the topic:

The question is whether Leung is ready to act – he certainly seems to be armed with information.  The truth is that the Douglas County teachers union cannot stand the success that the district has found because it proves the point that unions are detrimental to kids’ educations.  Further, the Douglas County successes have captured national attention. From The Colorado Observer back in October 2013:

“Douglas County has put the tenets of contemporary reform to work–but with an unusual, and unusually ambitious, twist,” read a report from the American Enterprise Institute, a well-known national think-tank that supports shaking-up the education status quo.

“The district’s distinctive aim of going from good to great, rather than from poor to passable, is remarkable in the annals of contemporary school reform. For Douglas County, school choice is not seen not as a ‘ticket out’ of failing schools, but a way to encourage customization and to offer more paths for students to choose,” the report added. “Teacher evaluation is viewed less as a tool to weed out poor performers than as a tool for helping good teachers get better and to help reward outstanding performance.”

While union lackeys in Douglas County may be gearing up for a fight, Douglas County’s success marches on.  When push comes to shove, it’s going to be pretty difficult for unions to argue that parents should have less choice in education when their kids are clearly thriving.