Democrats want the public to believe just because Obamacare stories aren’t front and center anymore that must mean Obamacare is actually a good thing now.  Well, if Obamacare is a good thing now, we here at the Peak are eagerly awaiting for Sen. Mark Udall to make it the centerpiece of his reelection campaign.  What is more in line with reality is that Obamacare is like a devastating hurricane: the news coverage was dominated by it as it came ashore and caused all kinds of havoc, but just because it’s dissipated and the news media has stopped being riveted by, doesn’t mean the destruction it caused isn’t still being felt.  For the sake of brevity, here are some bullet-points on the most recent news of the Udall-enabled Obamacare (oh, and if Democrats truly feel this is a winning issue, we have no problem making this the main focus for the upcoming election.  So, spin away Ds, spin away):

  • Obama’s administration will no longer release monthly Obamacare enrollment reports from the Health and Human Services Department.  We suppose their quote to the media went something like this: “This law is so popular now (just like we said it would be), that we want to minimize the facts and media coverage we get on it.”  Duh, that’s just basic marketing 101.
  • The tide of opinion has finally turned on Obamacare… oh, wait, nope; people still hate it.  43% oppose it to just 28% supporting it.
  • At a time when college is even more unaffordable, Colorado college students are losing precious work hours so that Universities don’t have to pay for their health insurance.  Just add them to the list that gets longer everyday: college professors, Steamboat residents, ski resorts in general.
  • People who like their employer-provided health insurance may not be able to keep it as more corporations look to save money by paying a penalty rather than offering comprehensive health insurance. “If you like your plan, you can keep it,” Udall and Obama said.  Udall quickly added, “Just kidding, I’m voting to burn this entire industry down.  1/6th of our economy?  Ain’t nothing to me, that’s just how I roll!”
  • Remember Democrats attacking former Gov. Mitt Romney saying Romneycare was the same thing as Obamacare?  Then how come Romneycare was doing just fine for Massachusetts before Obamacare was passed, but now Obamacare has killed it?  Yep, the “supposed” model for Obamacare worked fine until Obamacare was enacted, and now it’s destroyed.  “We loved it so much we had to kill it.”

So, please, Colorado Democrats, anytime you want to trot out Obamacare as your trump card this election cycle, know that we’ll be more than happy to help you.