“PPP polls are the best!”

Earlier this month, the Lefties in Colorado were falling all over themselves as a poll done for League of Conservation Voters showed Rep. Cory Gardner’s unfavorable numbers spiking with him falling a couple of points behind Sen. Mark Udall.  Today, that very same poll was called out in a New York Times article on bad polling, explicitly for its incompetency:

In Colorado, Public Policy Polling’s newest survey puts the electorate at a very low 74 percent white, even though the exit polls and the census had the 2012 electorate at 78 and 82 percent white, and even though the company’s own final pre-election survey in 2012 had whites at 80 percent of likely voters in Colorado. [the Peak emphasis]

It gets worse for Udall and the Left, the electorate who came out to vote in a presidential election in 2012 will have been far friendlier than the electorate that will show up in a non-presidential election this year.  This year’s electorate will look a lot more like 2010.  Which, makes PPP’s polling demographics for the LCV even that more ludicrous.  Hopefully, for “Me Too Mark” sake, he can find more populist issues to jump aboard (Redskins for me, but not for thee; Let me lead the charge on this…but, after you win the battle) because, God knows, he’s not focusing on the issues Coloradans care about.