“Judge me on my record”

How long will America have to wait for President Obama and his rubber-stamp Democrats (*cough* Udall *cough*) to stop killing all the momentum for our economy?  Last week, it was announced that America’s economy actually contracted for the first quarter of this year.  This leaves us only one quarter of negative growth away from being officially in another recession.  Needless to say, the long promised recovery from the last recession has yet to appear.  What makes this even more incredible is the fact it flies completely in the face of America’s historic ability to rebound quickly and strongly from previous recessions.  As it was pointed out after last week’s news, Obama’s recovery is historically bad:

In five years since the recession ended, Obama’s economy has grown by 11.1 percent. The average five-year gain for 10 previous post-World War II recoveries was 21.4 percent. At the same point in Reagan’s presidency, the economy had grown by 24 percent.

According to Congress’s bipartisan Joint Economic Committee, Obama’s recovery is $1.5 trillion below average.

Had Obama’s economy expanded like Reagan’s, America’s economy would be more than $2 trillion larger today, about $17,000 more per household.

If Obama’s recovery matched President John Kennedy’s, the economy would be nearly $3 trillion larger.

Kennedy was the only Democrat to cut income tax rates; Obama the latest to raise them. [the Peak emphasis]

Yet, for the six past years, Colorado Senators have not been fighting Obama for a better recovery.   They’ve been acquiescing to him at every turn.  With Udall having a 99% voting record with Obama, Obama’s failed economic record is essentially Udall’s failed economic record.  Udall has proven over the past six years he will do nothing to stand up to Obama, signing off on whatever crap Obama ships his way.  If Coloradans do not like the path Obama is leading us on, then we cannot send Udall back for another six years.  Udall has a six year record showing him and Obama are politically the same.