Officially to the Left of Cal. Gov. Jerry Brown

Last month, when a CEO with business in Colorado said Colorado was trying to imitate California (and not in a good way), he may have been giving Colorado Democratic politicians too much credit.  The latest news out of California illustrates the extreme factions that have taken over the Colorado Democratic Party and the failed leadership of Gov. John Hickenlooper that has stood by and allowed it.  Last week, the California Senate had the good sense to squash any sort of fracking ban:

On Thursday the California state Senate rejected a bill that would have put a temporary stop to fracking in the state.

Both Republicans and Democrats supported the defeat of the proposal.

This is the second year in a row such a bill has been turned down.

Dave Quast, California director of Energy in Depth said, “This is the second time a house of the California state legislature has soundly rejected a moratorium on a routine practice that’s been deemed safe repeatedly.”

Fracking opponents now hope that Democratic Governor Jerry Brown will use an executive order to stop fracking activity.

According to sources, the odds of the Governor issuing such an order are miniscule. [the Peak emphasis]

At a time when Hickenlooper is actively considering calling a special session just to appease the far left of his party and bow down at Rep. Jared Polis’ (hobbit-esque?) feet by enacting more regulations on our already most-stringently-regulated-in-the-country fracking industry, California is proving itself to be more moderate than Colorado.  Yes, those kale-munching, redwood-hugging, long-haired, faux hippies with too much money are to the right of where Colorado Democrats are leading us.  It’s a sad day for Coloradans when we realize we’d be better off with a governor like notoriously liberal Jerry Brown than the one we currently have.