The latest Colorado state finance reports are out and it looks like Republican donors are stepping up.  The four Republican candidates combined outraised Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper this time around. Republicans raised approximately $125,000 to Hickenlooper’s $115,000.

Leading the pack in fundraising, again, is the Honey Money Badger himself, Scott Gessler, who raised $39,955.  Tom Tancredo was nipping at his heels with $38,897.  It should be noted that Bob Beauprez, with his $100,000 loan, technically had the greatest infusion of cash with $121,860. He also ended with the most cash on hand.  Gessler came in second with $69,143.

The bottom line: this ain’t Hickenlooper’s 2010 race.

Here are the stats:

Raised: $21,860
Spent: $69,900
Loan: $100,000
COH: $115,995

Raised: $39,955
Spent: $12,609
COH: $69,143

Raised: $24,365
Spent: $26,737
COH: $30,034

Raised: $38,897
Spent: $73,700
COH: $63,412