Rachel Zenzinger

Peak readers will be familiar with the name Rachel Zenzinger.  Yes.  The same Rachel Zenzinger who was appointed to replace embattled Democratic gun-control goofball State Sen. Evie Hudak, who resigned her seat late last year under pressure of recall by voters in her district.

But, Zenzinger is in a tough race, herself. Senate District 19 (Hudak’s old seat) has long been a swing district and, even, the entrenched Hudak won by less than 600 votes.

With Zenzinger up for her first real election in November, Democratic operatives are going all out to squeeze campaign cash for her from state lobbyists.  Problem is this – the continuing threat of Gov. Hickenlooper calling lawmakers back for a special session has put a wrench in the Zenzinger fundraising machine.

A widely-spread rumor has Hickenlooper’s staff asking Democratic legislators to hold next week on their calendar for a potential special session.  Problem for Zenzinger is that Hick’s proposed special session dates conflict with a high-dollar, campaign cash dash hosted by Democratic operatives and lobbyists Scott Chase and Travis Berry of PoliticalWorks.

State law clearly prohibits legislators from taking campaign money from lobbyists while the General Assembly is in regular session.  What is less clear is whether Democrats Chase and Berry would press forward with the Zenzinger fundraiser if the legislature is in special session.  Or maybe it won’t matter.  Of the lobbyists surveyed by the Peak, none reported that he or she would attend a legislative candidate fundraiser if the legislature was in special session.

We at the Peak would guess that even Zenzinger, Chase, and Berry would be worried about taking fistfulls of cash while Zenzinger is casting her vote.

Here’s where you come in, PeakNation™. If you know where the Zenzinger fundraiser is being held, drop us a line at [email protected]  We’d love to be there – with our camera!  Say cheese!