“Look, I refuse to talk about my record”

It’s another bad day in Udall’s world today.  In a newly released Public Policy Polling poll, Sen. Mark Udall’s most recent issue-du-jour, climate change, is shown to fall flat with voters once again.  Not only does climate change not really matter to the public, one Democratic operator labeled it a “luxury issue.”

New @ppppolls also shows #ClimateChange could be weak issue for Dems. One operative told me it’s a “luxury item” amid a shaky recovery (2/2)

— Michael J. Mishak (@mjmishak) June 3, 2014


That’s exactly what a Boulder Democrat needs for himself: a luxury-item issue that’s captured his entire focus as America’s economy shrinks.  Then again, it’s not like Udall can talk about his 99% voting record with President Obama when Obama’s numbers are horrendous in Colorado.  And, despite the Left’s echochamber insisting Udall’s vote for Obamacare isn’t radioactive, it remains almost as unpopular in Colorado as Udall himself.

Unfortunately for Udall, with such a likable opponent in Rep. Cory Gardner now, silence is not a viable campaign strategy.  Udall’s only long-shot at saving his political career after six years of voting against Coloradans is to hold everything together with bubble gum and scotch tape; say one thing to one group, while the opposite to another group.

This explains Udall’s campaign crackdown on the people who track him.  As Revealing Politics writes:

We took our seat and began filming the senator, but a Udall staffer quickly approached us. She told us we couldn’t record. We asked why, and the she said that only credentialed media were allowed to record. She also told us that since we were recording, we needed to leave. Cause we couldn’t just shut off the camera and listen to what Udall had to say apparently.

Udall’s reelection campaign is so fragile, it’s only going to take one candid moment of Udall speaking how he truly feels for Coloradans to be sure he’s not a man who represents us.  There’s no way Udall can keep up such a high-wire act for the next five months, as the pressure will only continue to build from here.  PeakNation™, mark it down, a huge Udall gaffe is only a matter of when at this moment, not if.  Udall’s campaign’s hypervigilance against trackers can only keep it at bay for only so long.