An astute reader yesterday pointed out a tweet by a group called Debating Chambers that is tracking when the Senators returned from their ten-day Memorial Day break.  Almost all Senators returned to work on Monday; however, there were four who had not returned as of yesterday at 5 p.m.

Guess which embattled Colorado Senator was MIA?  That’s right, our very own Mark Udall.

He has a huge 14er to climb this election cycle, so maybe he skipped votes to raise cash.  Last year, Udall went nearly a year without a public event in Colorado.  So, he’s here when he’s supposed to be in DC.  He’s holed up in DC when he’s supposed to be here.  Why is he so confused?

Any bets on when our long lost Senator might return from Spring Break?  Can somebody help him find his way to D.C.?  Anybody?