Former state Minority leader Mike Kopp showed with his pick for Lt. Gov. that should he win the GOP primary he will surround himself with strong people to beat Gov. John Hickenlooper this fall.  This morning, Kopp announced former Pueblo city councilwoman Vera Ortegon as his Lt. Gov. should he be elected.  As Lynn Bartels from The Denver Post reports:

Former Sen. Mike Kopp has chosen former Pueblo city councilwoman Vera Ortegon, a Colombia-born microbiologist, as his running mate.

…The choice of Ortegon covers geographic, gender and ethnic lines and guarantees Kopp some extra publicity as the June 24 primary approaches

Ortegon, whose first language was Spanish, had degrees in microbiology and biochemistry, and has served on numerous boards and commissions. She currently manages a health care corporation with six medical providers and two locations in Pueblo.

Dual-science degrees; proven management skills in the private sector; past political experience on multiple levels; Kopp’s pick is a shrewd move.  Republicans across the state can also applaud any move that will get a conservative like Ortegon more exposure.  If Kopp should win the GOP primary, we look forward to Vera Ortegon being the next Lt. Governor of Colorado.