Rep. Jared Polis, Colorado job killer

After months of negotiations between many factions in the local control initiative, it seemed on Friday that the Governor’s team was one step closer to calling for a special session.  That is, until stakeholders caught wind of the terms of the deal that had been struck – U.S. Rep. Jared Polis, infamous for driving this issue because it disturbed the tranquility found in his garage that he fondly calls his guest house, demanded that no changes be made to the proposed legislation should a special session occur.


So, basically Jared “Let Them Sleep in Guest Houses” Polis wants to kill about 110,000 jobs and decimate the Colorado economy to preserve his Colorado dream (nevermind all those Americans who haven’t quite gotten their American Dream due to the poor economy) and refuses to debate the issues if a special session should occur?  Here’s what The Denver Post said about it:

“U.S. Rep. Jared Polis, a key financial backer of ballot initiatives seeking more local control, is reportedly on board with the measure — with the stiff caveat that lawmakers make no changes.”

When will Polis loosen his stranglehold on Colorado’s economy?  Does Polis think the view from his garage trumps the rights of those Coloradans who yearn for a new economic view?  And, further, did Governor Hickenlooper really think this would fly when he sent it around?  Or, has Polis just beaten him into submission?  Hick wasn’t a strong leader to start with – is he going to let the rantings of an out of touch limousine liberal dictate the terms of this negotiations?  Apparently so.

This just reminds us of the poor weary mother who is being dragged through the mall by a screaming tyrant of a child.  It just seems like Polis needs a good spanking.