With primary ballots already out, and the last day to turn in ballots (June 24th) rapidly approaching, candidates across the state just released their fundraising numbers for the last reporting period (4/1-6/4):

US Senate:

The Starboard Group, the people in charge of Cory Gardner’s fundraising, are reporting he raised $1.5M during the pre-primary period and now has $3M+ cash on hand (COH).

Meanwhile, Chris Harris, Kansas native and Sen. Mark Udall’s campaign spokesman, is reporting Udall raised $1.7M and has $5.6M COH.  Hopefully all that money can undo the political damage he will cause himself when he stands next to President Obama next month.


The Denver Post is reporting Rep. Mike Coffman raised $336K and now has $1.96M COH.

They are also reporting Andy Romanoff (D- Carpetbag) raised $465K and now has $2.3M COH.  Rumor has it, Romanoff will try to use that money to cut out ten square blocks from his old, deeply blue, heart of Denver district, and transport it to the suburbs.  Like a guy who leaves New York City and complains he can’t find a good bagel anymore, Romanoff will be sure to include “this little, local place I used to walk to everyday that has fair-trade, organic coffee from a little farm in Costa Rica where they allow the coffee beans to be free-range.”


The race for Cory Gardner’s House seat is heating up with each candidate posting some of their strongest numbers yet.

Ken Buck

Raised: $153K

COH: $144K


Steve Laffey

Raised: $56K

COH: $80K

Personal Loan: $350K


Scott Renfoe

Raised: $55K

COH: $33K

Personal Loan: $200K


Barbara Kirkmeyer

Raised: $43K

COH: $27K


We’ll keep updating as more numbers roll in (we’re looking at you Lamborn and Bentley).