We’re used to Republican Colorado State Treasurer Walker Stapleton killing it with fundraising against weak opponent, former U.S. Rep. Betsy Markey; however, a blow out this big calls for a virtual high-five.

Markey raised a paltry $8,148 to Stapleton’s $45,300.  Even better news for Stapleton?  He has three times as much in the bank as Markey.  Stapleton is at $555,245 and Markey ended the fundraising period with $181,908 cash on hand.

One wonders why Markey cannot seem to raise money.  Afterall, she is a former Congresswoman – she should have plenty of friends with money.  Perhaps, she is struggling with fundraising because her math skills leave much to be desired.  As we noted about a year ago when we gleefully learned Markey was running for Treasurer:

In case, Peak Nation™, you’ve forgotten, Markey’s most memorable financial remark was to declare the bloated and outsized Obamacare bill a “the biggest deficit reduction bill to come before Congress in more than a decade.”

But, hey, who needs math skills as a State Treasurer?  What’s that, you say?  EVERYONE who is a State Treasurer needs math skills?  Democrats may have a problem.