Today, the Democratic organization dedicated to marginalizing women as sex organs Planned Parenthood released a new ad against Cory Gardner, who has embraced a moderate view on personhood, saying that he “can’t be trusted” on the issue. This is really funny because in March 2013 Planned Parenthood put out a blog post praising Gardner (along with Colorado Reps. Mike Coffman and Scott Tipton) for supporting the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), as also reported by Lynn Bartels at The Denver Post in March.

From the post:

“Of special note, I would like to thank the Republican House members who voted against an earlier version of VAWA in the House and pushed Republican leadership for the stronger Senate version that ultimately passed.  Original versions of the house bill did NOT include the new protections for Native Americans, immigrants, and LGBT victims of violence, and 33 Republicans voted against the stripped down version of VAWA and then went on to vote in support of the more inclusive Senate version.  These 33 members of Congress showed courage standing up to their party’s leadership and demanding a strong VAWA because no case of intimate partner violence in our country is acceptable.”

So, Planned Parenthood was for Cory Gardner before he was a darling in a hugely competitive U.S. Senate race it was against him?  Is that how this works?  The truth is that Gardner’s position on personhood evolved – perhaps just like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on gay marriage.

We anticipate if we searched past media that One Colorado and the Human Rights Campaign will have strongly condemned Clinton (either) and Obama as not being trustworthy on the issue of gay marriage.  …Right…?