It’s so odd that just as the media everywhere is crying BS over the lost IRS chief Lois Lerner’s emails, the State of Colorado also has suddenly been unable to find unwitting Obamacare whistleblower Jo Donlin’s emails.

Complete Colorado‘s Todd Shepherd has been asking for her emails for months.  FIVE MONTHS.  What has he received?  Stonewalling.  From Shepherd’s report:

Do you believe Lois Lerner’s emails suddenly went poof?

Because let me tell you this: Jo Donlin’s emails suddenly went ‘poof’ and the state has been stonewalling, stalling, and obfuscating for 5 months now – anything to keep this investigative reporter from digging deeper into an already big story.

In case you have forgotten, Donlin pushed back against U.S. Senator Mark Udall’s request to put a different spin on the horrible news that Obamacare, a piece of legislation that he pushed, had caused the cancellations of nearly 250,000 insurance plans.  After Shepherd first requested the emails on January 28, he was told on March 20 that the emails had been deleted:

Finally, on March 20, I asked DORA-DOI why there were no emails for Donlin. DORA-DOI basically said the emails were deleted, tough luck. DORA spokeswoman Sue Cobb said, “If any emails existed that were responsive to your request, they were deleted before I sent the response cited to you below [in the email thread], and they cannot be recovered or restored.” Further questions about data rebuilding were not answered.

Hickenlooper has been an advocate of not shining sunshine into the cavernous and fetid workings of the government.  Maybe this is just another case of his unwillingness to be transparent.  But, still we call bullsh!t on his lack of accountability to the people of Colorado.