As IRS chief John Koskinen sits in front of a committee arrogantly asserting that the American people are not owed an apology for the targeting of the President’s political opponents, media outlets across the country are reminding Americans that Koskinen is a major Democratic donor.  We’ll do our part – Not only is Koskinen a Democratic donor, but he’s a donor to U.S. Senator Michael Bennet, head of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and a named party in an ethics lawsuit for the targeting of conservative groups via the IRS.  Small world.

From FoxNews:

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen is in the spotlight as he is set to further testify to Congress regarding the IRS targeting of conservative groups. It is important to remember that Koskinen has shelled out nearly $100,000 to Democratic candidates and groups.

Koskinen has been contributing to Democrats for four decades, starting with a $1000 contribution to Democratic candidate for Colorado Senate candidate Gary Hart in 1979.


Earlier this month, Bennet was named to an ethics complaint filed with the Senate Select Committee on Ethics by the Center for Competitive Politics.  The complaint charges the following:

“The complaint documents how the senators improperly interfered with IRS adjudications to further their party’s electoral prospects. They pressured the IRS to undertake income-tax investigations of specific organizations, to find that specific organizations were in violation of the law, to reach predetermined results pertaining to pending applications by individual organizations for nonprofit status, and to adopt specific regulatory interpretations and policies to further their campaign goals.”

As we noted earlier this month:

“This is an issue that we have been harping on for at least a year. On May 14th, we published a letter that Bennet wrote to IRS Commissioner Shulman and a press release from his office specifically calling out conservative operative Karl Rove.”

Given Koskinen’s clear existing admiration for Bennet, should Coloradans (and America) really trust him to turn over emails that might indict his precious investment, Sen. Bennet?  We didn’t think so, either.