It’s primary day PeakNation™!  Remember to vote and be sure to drop off your ballot by 7pm tonight for it to count.

As of this morning, 517,211 ballots have been cast in the primary, according to the Secretary of State’s office. Here’s the statewide breakdown by party:

Democrats: 201,323

Republicans: 311,558

Though not near the total ballots cast for the 2010 primary election (774,071), this is more of a case of Colorado Democrats having nothing to vote for.

Ace of Spades has done some interesting work on what they expect the final number of Republican ballots to be:

We are forecasting 430,000 votes in the Colorado Republican Gubernatorial primary. That number may go up after we contact a few clerks.

— AOSHQDD (@AOSHQDD) June 24, 2014


After discussing turnout with clerks in the state we are cutting our projection for turnout in Colorado to 415k, which means…

— AOSHQDD (@AOSHQDD) June 24, 2014


Over three-quarters of the votes are all ready returned. If they process these first, may have a decision early for #COgov and #CO4

— AOSHQDD (@AOSHQDD) June 24, 2014


Here are the returns county by county:

Cue the music and get ready for tonight!