Great job, primary winners

With Colorado’s independent streak, it’s no wonder that our election results are a mixed bag.  We can’t say that the Tea Party prevailed – this certainly was no Cantor moment – but we can’t say the establishment prevailed entirely either.  Coloradans elected the pols they wanted – and it may just work out for Colorado Republicans.


At the top of the ticket will be former Republican Congressman Bob Beauprez, certainly the choice of those who didn’t want a Dan Maes-like gubernatorial candidate. The choice also will benefit Cory Gardner‘s U.S. Senate race.  Beauprez entered the race late, but Republicans rallied around him.  Democrats, on the other hand, tried to prevent his candidacy with attack ads, which only attracted Republican donors.  Too bad for you, Democrats.  Major misstep.


We heard a rumor that Rep. Scott Tipton had a primary opponent, but we never heard from him. Looks like the voters in CD3 didn’t either.  Tipton strolled to a victory.


Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck prevailed over Barbara Kirkmeyer, Steve Laffey, and RMGO-backed Scott Renfroe tonight.  He is likely headed to Washington, D.C. come January as CD4, Cory Gardner’s seat, heavily favors Republican candidates.


We’re just going to go ahead and call this for Rep. Doug LambornBentley Rayburn, again, came up just short.  Better luck next time – we assume there will be a next time, right?

State Senate Races

In the State Senate primaries, Laura Woods bested Lang Sias and Tony Sanchez beat Mario Nicolais.  Woods will run against Hudak campaign manager appointee Sen. Rachel Zenzinger. Sanchez will run against Sen. Andy Kerr in the general.

State House Races

Incumbent Rep. Lori Saine beat primary opponent Bruce Sparrow for the Republican nomination for the HD63 seat.  Fellow incumbent Rep. Justin Everett bested Loren Bauman to run again for HD22.  With Rep. Mark Waller leaving his seat to run for Attorney General, Gordon Klingenschmitt will be the Republican nominee in HD15. Terri Carver edged out her opponents to become the Republican nominee for HD20. Dan Thurlow beat Steven Acquafresca to become the Republican nominee in HD55.

Congratulations to all the winners, and chin up to those who didn’t win.  Hopefully, we can all come together to take down on the tyrants from the left in the general election.  Ready?  Go Team!