The National Review reported on The Hotline‘s “most vulnerable Senators”, and it’s not pretty for Sen. Udall.  He’s now the 9th most vulnerable Senator on the list.  Last time, he was 11th.  We doubt he’ll send an email on this ranking.  While the article noted that some threatened Democratic incumbents have “stabilized” since winter, Udall’s situation has worsened. Here’s what the article said about Udall:

“Can Mark Udall make Colorado voters think Cory Gardner is just another Ken Buck? He’s already trying, releasing a blistering TV ad this month depicting the Republican congressman as an antiabortion extremist. Whether he’s successful remains to be seen: Gardner has fought back aggressively, renouncing some of his past support for personhood legislation and writing a sly op-ed in the Denver Post calling for the birth-control pill to be available without a prescription. It’s early, but the fierce fighting in June speaks to the race’s competitiveness. One sleeper issue to watch: A proposed ban on fracking in Colorado would leave the environmentalist-friendly Udall in a tight spot, forced to choose between his vocal liberal base and the state’s majority of moderate voters.”

Unfortunately for Udall, his only hope is to try to recycle tired old liberal talking points about women.  And, from our anecdotal research among our female Democratic ladies, it’s not a talking point that’s resonating.  Good luck with that.