A warning to Democratic politicians – stay away from Aspen.  The super-luxe ski resort has been a haven not only for the rich and famous, but also for awkward moments courtesy of Democratic politicians.  This past weekend, former Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, doubled down on Obamacare on behalf of clearly running potential presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton.

At the Aspen Ideas Festival, Sebelius said that Clinton would “step on the gas” in terms of implementing Obamacare.  God help us all.  Sebelius noted that the hope was to “lock in” as much as possible before December 2016.  The real question is – how terrified are Democrats that they will lose the 2016 election that they’re putting these safeguards in place?  Just watch the clip:

From the video:

Host: Are you worried that Hillary will reverse it?

Sebelius: My guess is that she’ll step on the gas, but you know, there are uncertainties still in this world.

Like the chances of Democrats taking a 2016 presidential election after this trainwreck of a President?