Jill Repella

Yesterday, Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez announced his running mate and [drumroll] it’s Jill Rapella, a Douglas County Commissioner. According to her bio, her real passion is “economic development”, which is great since Colorado families are still struggling to recover from the recession thanks to the policies from the left.

Beauprez picks a woman, she’s attractive, articulate, and a proven leader, so what’s the next step for the lefties?  Democrats’ heads explode, and they try to discredit her by saying she was his second choice.  Here’s your war on women, ladies.

The truth is that Repella was Beauprez’s first choice – and it was a solid choice.  Here are a few of her achievements from her bio:

Over a cumulative total of 25 years, prior to her induction as Commissioner, Jill served in various elected and appointed positions in Douglas County, including Douglas County Planning Commission, Planning Commissioner; Douglas County School District, Board of Education; Highlands Ranch Metropolitan Districts, Board of Directors; Open Space Advisory Committee, member; Douglas County Housing Partnership, Board of Directors; and the School District’s representative on The Partnership of Douglas County Governments.

During her time as a community volunteer, Jill listened to thousands of citizens in hundreds of public hearings and community meetings across the entire county, during which time she gained perspective on the values of Douglas County citizens as well as respect for the lifestyle diversity found in this uniquely rural and urban County.

Another truth?  With Hickenlooper and Beauprez tied, and Beauprez picking a proven leader, the left is simply scared that they not only will lose the U.S. Senate race, but the Colorado Governor’s race as well.