Arapahoe County Commissioner Nancy Sharpe and the pro-energy group Vital For Colorado have released a video that tells the story of how Arapahoe County created a balanced energy plan that can set an example for the rest of the state.

When faced with the prospect of citizens concerned about increased oil and gas drilling, the Commissioners resisted pressure from fractivists to pass a moratorium.  Instead, they worked with operators to craft a Memorandum of Understanding that outlined the county’s priorities.  If operators agreed to meet the requirements in the MOU, then they were able to get their drilling permit faster.  Thusly, Arapahoe County was able to create a situation where citizens’ needs were being met, and companies were able to continue doing business there.

As Hickenlooper and Polis toil away trying to strike a so-called ‘deal’ they should look to Arapahoe County as an example of one community that got it right.