News yesterday broke that Team Udall has hired yet another press secretary to aid his failing press strategy.  For those counting at home, the addition of Kristin Lynch makes three for the limping campaign.  The articles on her new gig mention her “The Killing Fields” experience as a reporter in Cambodia, as well as her most recent experience as a press secretary for Sen. Michael Bennet.

The rumor within the press corps is that Bennet has been looking for some time to, ahem, unload Lynch.  Look, we have nothing against Lynch, and she’s probably delightful.  Apparently, she likes s’mores – who could dislike a fellow lover of hot gooey chocolatey graham crackery goodness?

But, it should concern Udall-watchers that Bennet, charged with electing Democratic Senators via his leadership role at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, thought the best place to unload Lynch was with one of his most vulnerable Senators up for re-election – Mark Udall.

Should Colorado Senate Race Watchers interpret this as a sign?  Is this a signal that Bennet has all but thrown in the towel regarding the Udall race?  Is it possible that even Bennet thinks Udall will lose, otherwise why would he saddle one of his most vulnerable candidates with a press secretary with whom he was less than thrilled? Why is Udall getting Bennet’s hand-me-downs?