With horribly low poll numbers, Democratic President Obama must be yearning for some of the mojo that thrust him into the presidency back in 2008.  You know, when Democrats – like Mark Udall – were clamoring to appear with him, instead of shrieking and running away.

Or, maybe it’s just a coincidence that he comes to Denver to speak and finds one of about three sets ofa set of Greek columns? H/T to Fox31’s Eli Stokols for his astute observation.  Compare the DNC to Cheesman Park:

Greek columns, 2008, DNC, photo credit: Breitbart

Greek columns, 2014, photo credit: Wally Gobetz, https://www.flickr.com/photos/wallyg/6181259578/in/photostream/

Pathetic.  This is like when your creepy neighbor went through a mid-life crisis and bought the same car he had in high school thinking it would deliver fun times once again. Sadly, Mr. President, it takes a little more than a few Greek columns to make up for your worn rhetoric and empty promises.  But, welcome to Denver.  Again.  Also, thanks for the traffic.