From hosting high-dollar fundraisers to mainstreaming liberal-ideology, Hollywood is all about doing favors for Democrats.   However, a new CNN documentary series that rehashes the case of Nathan Dunlap and takes a critical view of the death penalty sounds like it is going to finally backfire on Hollywood lefties.

Nathan Dunlap mug shot

The series is produced by Robert Redford and narrated by Susan Sarandon, an outspoken critic of capital punishment.  So, there is no chance that this series is “unbiased” in how it portrays use of the death penalty.

To be fair, if the documentary weren’t on CNN, we would expect that Redford and Sarandon might be successful in using Hollywood’s knack for story telling to change a few minds.  However, no one watches CNN.  That means the only parts of the CNN documentary that Colorado voters will end up seeing are the snippets that find their way into an ad attacking Gov. John Hickenlooper for letting Dunlap off the hook.

Let’s not forget that at the time of Dunlap’s crime it was the worst mass murder in Colorado history, and the killer was notably remorseless for taking the lives of four people.  Those horrific details are what people remember, and that’s something Hollywood’s influence will never change.